Arm lift. Brachioplasty


Arm lift. Brachioplasty

As the years go by and changes in weight occur, the appearance of flaccidity in the medial arms is common. We can correct these imperfections with a brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift. It consists of a simple intervention in which we remove the excess skin and fat. Dr. Javier Collado usually combines this intervention with an arm liposuction in search of a more satisfactory result and to improve the outline. Usually, there is a linear scar, hidden along the medial arms, which, with timely care, will end up being barely visible.


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What does the intervention consist of?

This intervention works on the relaxation of the tissues in the medial and posterior arms, removing the excess skin and fat and remodelling the outline.

Am I a good candidate for the intervention?

This intervention is specifically recommended for patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight and, as such, have an important excess of fatty tissue and skin in the posterior arms.

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