Breast augmentation: Mammoplasty augmentation


Breast augmentation: Mammoplasty augmentation

Also known as a mammoplasty augmentation. It is performed by introducing silicone prosthesis through a hidden incision in the armpit, in the lower edge of the areola or in the sub-breast fold. The choice of one or the other will usually depend on the patient’s preference. In addition, it will also be necessary to choose the shape of the prosthesis. It can be round or anatomic, that is to say, in the shape of a tear. In Dr. Javier Collado’s opinion, the most appropriate place to introduce the prosthesis is through the infra-breast fold and if we want to look for the most natural result possible, it should be with an anatomic prosthesis, which provides a more harmonic drop of the breast. Thus, the prosthesis may be positioned above or beneath the pectoral muscle, the choice of each case depends on multiple factors, such as the patient’s breast type or the physical activity they do. Breast augmentation can be done with the patient’s own fat (mammary lipofilling), also known as breast augmentation without surgery, even though, in this case, the augmentation will be equivalent to one size. We also have the option to combine the augmentation with prosthesis with that of breast lipofilling or fat transfer, with the aim of improving the appearance and the coverage of the breast implant, giving the breast augmentation a more natural look.

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Is a breast augmentation appropriate for me?

The women who decide to have this intervention usually do so to improve their appearance. Some patients feel unsatisfied because their breasts have not developed to the size that they expected while others want both breasts to be even, as they have one which is bigger than the other and, often, others want to restore the natural volume of their breasts that has decreased because of pregnancy, weight loss or due to age.
You are a good candidate for this intervention if you find yourself in one of these situations or circumstances:
You are unhappy because you have small breasts.
Weight loss has caused a change in the shape and size of your breasts.
After having children, your breasts shrunk and/or lost firmness.
One breast is much smaller than the other.
If you are considering this intervention, you must remember:
If you are very young, the development of your breasts must have finished.
You must be emotionally mature and completely sure of the reason why you want to be operated on (the best reason is to feel better about yourself).
You should have realistic expectations, knowing that this intervention will improve your appearance but that perfection does not exist.

What can I expect from the first visit to the clinic?

The first step that a woman who is considering a breast augmentation must take is have a preliminary visit with the doctor. In this visit, the doctor who attends to you shall evaluate your physical and emotional situation and they will inform you of the possibilities in your case.
Once you are at the clinic, you should provide the surgeon with as much information as possible:
Previous interventions.
Medical history of interest.
Previous and current medication, including homeopathic treatments.
Mammogram results.
Inform them if there is a history of breast cancer in your family.
Additionally, Dr. Collado will indicate to you different factors that may condition the result of the intervention, such as, for example: if you intend to get pregnant soon, if you gain a lot or a little weight, as these circumstances can change the shape and size of the breasts.
In the first visit, the breasts will also be examined, photographs might be taken as well as deciding the type of prosthesis to be implanted and the size of them, the type of skin will be examined and the shape of your new breasts will be explained to you.

Where will the breast intervention be done?

The breast augmentation should be performed in a clinic or a hospital and you should stay there overnight.

Occasionally, this intervention is done using local anaesthesia and sedation, although the most common way is to perform it using general anaesthesia. In both cases, you will be asleep and you will not feel any pain.

Upon completion of the intervention and before leaving the operating room, you will be wrapped in a special gauze bandage and, after this, you will be transferred to the resuscitation room.

How is the breast augmentation intervention performed?

The technique that Dr. Collado will use not only depends on the preferences of the professional but also on that which you desire. The incision is small and, normally, it is done in one of these two places: right below the breast or near the areola.

Once the incision is done, the surgeon will make a pocket, where he will introduce the prosthesis. This pocket is directly behind the mammary tissue or below the pectoral muscle that is below the breast tissue.

Are breast prosthesis for life?

The current manufacturing technology of the main manufacturers of breast implants allows us to assure you that breast implants made from silicone gel are medical devices that will last for life, though, like all medical devices, they will need to be followed up on.
Although the breast implants can last for life, patients must accept when they are operated on that further surgeries are a possibility.

Although it is not very likely, the implant may break and even though the gel in the case of a rupture cannot leave the implant, its rupture is a reason to replace it. The capsular contracture may also force the change of an implant. We should not discard possible changes due to modifications in the body structure or in the aesthetic tastes of the woman or the possible improvement in the quality of future mammary implants.

What should I know about the results?

Most women who have this intervention performed on them are delighted with the results. They like their new look and, seeing that they have a more stylish look, they want to dress more extremely. For a lot of women, it provides them with more confidence in themselves.
Although the results of the intervention last for years, do not forget that the breasts are not immune to the passing of time and changes in weight.

Mamoplastia en Málaga
Observaciones del doctor

- Safety of breast implants

Dr. Collado will advise you on and evaluate the types of prosthesis that exist on the market and what their characteristics are. Each year, thousands of women undergo this operation without any complications. However, you should be fully aware of the pros and cons of the surgery and they should also explain all the complications that this may bring you.
Be sure that all your doubts have been responded to and that you understand everything perfectly.
Dr. Collado will advise you and give you instructions on everything you must do before and after the intervention. If you follow these instructions, the number of risks will be as low as possible.

- Recovery after breast surgery

During the first days after the intervention, you should be very careful with your movements. Most problems that may occur will be solved by the medication that the surgeon prescribes you with.
Although everyone evolves in a different way, generally, the recovery follows these steps:
A week after the intervention:
- You will be able to shower
- The stitches will be removed
- You will feel ready to return to work, as long as it’s a relaxed and sedentary job
- You can begin to have sexual relations again, as long as you are very careful with your breasts
Several weeks after the intervention:
- The swelling will have decreased greatly and you will begin to see the final results
- You should not wear a bra all the time
- You can begin to do exercise and move your arms

- Patients treatment following the intervention

After the intervention, you will have to attend the doctor’s clinic for a post-operative visit in which the recovery process is assessed. In the following months, your surgeon may require periodic check-ups, these visits are important as your doctor can assess the long-term results of the intervention as well as clarify any doubts you may have.

- The choice of surgeon

The decision to choose the cosmetic surgeon who will perform the intervention is not easy. It should not only be a person you can trust and who is discreet, but also, more importantly, it should be a surgeon who is prepared and qualified for the intervention being performed. There are numerous cases of surgeons who are not specialists in plastic and cosmetic surgery who perform interventions in this area. Therefore, when choosing a plastic surgeon, make sure they have the qualification to be a Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon done through the Resident Medical Intern training system, given that this assures you that not only do they possess the required qualifications, but that they are also up-to-date in their training and, as part of this, it is essential that they attend international conferences, as well as completing hospital stays in centres of reference.

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