Buttocks: Gluteoplasty


Buttocks: Gluteoplasty

Also known as gluteoplasty. The augmentation and improvement of the shape of the gluteal muscles can be done by introducing silicone prosthesis or through the transfer of the patient’s fat (fat transfer or lipofilling). Dr. Javier Collado prefers to perform this intervention using fat transfer so that a more natural and firmer result is achieved without the inconveniences of having a silicon implant in the gluteal muscles. In addition, it will be advantageous to accompany this intervention with a liposculpture of flanks and saddlebags, to improve the final results and, in turn, obtain the fat to improve the shape and increase the volume of the gluteal muscles.

Preguntas Frecuentes

How long will the fat transferred to my gluteal muscles last for?

From the fat initially transferred, one part will not attach and will be lost. Approximately between 50% and 60% will be preserved indefinitely. This is the advantage in terms of silicone implants.

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