Cheekbone augmentation


Cheekbone augmentation

A lot of patients wish to increase the size of their cheekbones. We can fill them with hyaluronic acid or with the patient’s own fat using lipotransfer. We can also augment them by inserting prosthesis through the mouth, without visible scars. Dr. Javier Collado prefers to perform the augmentation of cheekbones with the patient’s own fat in order to achieve a long-lasting result without the inconveniences of prosthesis, while always striving for a natural result that is in harmony with the facial morphology.

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Recovery after the intervention

Dr. Collado will indicate the instructions to follow after the intervention. There will be restrictions on what food you can eat as well as certain activities. Once again, we inform you that these instructions will vary in the case that another surgery has been performed at the same time. However, you will be warned that the mobility of lips and the mouth will be temporarily lessened. The stitches used to close the incisions within your mouth will dissolve within ten days.

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Intervention with cheekbone implants

An incision is made within the mouth for every implant, thus meaning that there are no external scars and the stitches are reabsorbable, so they will not need to be removed.

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