Facial feminisation and reduction of Adam’s apple


Facial feminisation and reduction of Adam’s apple

The process of facial feminisation can be variable in terms of the morphology of each patient. Lessening the masculine features of a face usually requires a rhinoplasty, a lessening of the orbital rim and the reduction of the Adam’s apple or thyroplasty. Other complementary procedures may be the augmentation of cheekbones, profile of the face and lips, reduction of the jawline, frontal lift, facial lift or capillary surgery.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is it possible for an aggressive facial feminisation to erode all the masculine features?

Each case should be assessed individually and no one is the same as any other. Generally, the results vary in terms of the morphological characteristics of each patient and it is not possible to get the same results in each case.

Is it possible that the cartilage of my Adam’s apple will return?

Not normally, it is an intervention with definitive results.

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