Facial refinement: Bichectomy


Facial refinement: Bichectomy

Bichat bags or balls are fatty accumulations that we all have in our cheeks from birth. They give our face a rounder appearance. In some cases, hypertrophy may occur or they grow in size, making the cheeks bulkier and giving the face an even rounder appearance. Whether it is because of these Bichat bags’ hypertrophy or because the patient wants to refine their features, these bags can be removed through the inside of the oral cavity meaning there will be no visible scar. If in doubt, speak with Dr. Javier Collado.

Preguntas Frecuentes

Am I a good candidate for this intervention?

This surgery looks to improve the facial definition between the cheekbone and the jaw. As such, it is aimed at patients with round features who desire a better definition of their facial bone structure.

Bichectomía en Málaga
Observaciones del doctor

The facial change that requires a bichectomy

It is not really an intervention which causes a great change in the features.

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