Mentoplasty in Malaga – Augmentation or reduction of the chin


Mentoplasty in Malaga – Augmentation or reduction of the chin

A lot of patients wish to increase or reduce the size of their chin (Mentoplasty). We can fill it with the patient’s own fat by performing a lipotransfer or it can be increased by inserting prosthesis through the mouth or the chin. We can even move the bone forward through osteotomies. Dr. Javier Collado’s preference depends on the needs of each patient while always striving for a natural result that is in harmony with the facial morphology.

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Preguntas Frecuentes

Am I a good candidate for this intervention?

The profile of this procedure is developed in one of two directions: using an implant located in the chin or surgically remodelling the chin bone. The result is a firmer and more marked chin to achieve an oval-shaped face with better definition.

As such, the best candidates will be those who lack definition between the chin and the neck, especially in lateral vision.

How is it performed?

The insertion of an implant into the chin may last between 30 minutes and an hour. During the surgery, the doctor chooses the most appropriate size and design in order to improve your appearance and he places it in the pocket above the centre of the jaw. The small incision to create the pocket and insert the prosthesis is done from the inside of the mouth (or through the lower lip) or below the chin.

Normally, the chin is covered after surgery to avoid disturbances and inflammation. The stitches are removed within five or seven days of the surgery. If the incision is intra-oral, the stiches dissolve.

Aumento o reducción del mentón en Málaga
Observaciones del doctor

Duration of the chin implant

It can never be certain whether the implant will last for life as the implant may be displaced and, less frequently, may become infected, although it is normal not to suffer any changes over the years while preserving a good result.

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