Otoplasty Surgery in Malaga


Otoplasty Surgery in Malaga

Ear surgery or otoplasty in Malaga allows for the correction of the famous looped or protruding ears. Dr. Javier Collado performs this intervention through an incision that is hidden behind the ear, given the cartilage the appropriate shape and positioning the ears closer to the head. Thus, in the same intervention, the size of big ears, technically known as macrotia, can be reduced. In the first few days after the otoplasty, the patient will wear a plastic belt around their head, to support the ears with the aim of keeping them in the correct position during the healing process.

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What results can be expected from an otoplasty?

A lot of patients, whether they are young or old, are scared by the results of ear surgery. Bear in mind that the goal is to improve, not perfection. Do not expect to have two perfect and symmetrical ears as that would look far from natural. If you have discussed the procedure, technique and expectations regarding the surgery with your surgeon before the intervention, there will be a greater possibility that you are pleased with the results of the surgery.

What can we correct with otoplasty?

In addition to prominent ears, there are other problems which can be corrected by surgery. Such as: “lop ear” in the cases where the tip of the ear hangs downwards, “cupped ear” or hollow ears which are very small ears or “shell ear” that are those in which there is no external curve of the ear or natural folds. The surgery may also correct long or narrow lobes, as well as those that are ripped or wrinkled. The surgery may also reconstruct the ears in cases where the patient was born without them or they lost them due to an injury they suffered.

However, in some cases, surgery may involve leaving scars that are worse than the original problem. Always ask your surgeon about the effectiveness of surgery in you

How is the intervention performed?

The surgery lasts between one and two hours with local anaesthesia and sedation, although more complicated procedures may last longer.

In one of the most common techniques, the surgeon makes an incision in the part behind the ear to expose the cartilage. He will then reshape the cartilage and fold it in the direction of the head. They may use stitches that do not need to be removed to help keep the new shape of the ears.

Another technique consists of performing a similar incision. Skin is removed and the stitches are used to fold the cartilage backwards and remodel the shape of the cartilage without removing part of it.
In most of these interventions, a scar is formed behind the ear that gradually disappears over time.

Cirugía de las orejas en Málaga
Observaciones del doctor

- Choice of the appropriate age for the intervention

Many surgeons recommend that parents are aware of their children’s feelings regarding prominent ears (looped ears). Do not insist on the surgery if your child does not wish to change this part of their appearance. Children or teenagers who want to change can be seen to be very co-operative during the process and are much happier in post-operative treatment.
In the initial interview, the surgeon will assess the medical situation of your child or your own if you are thinking of undergoing the intervention. We will recommend the most effective technique as well as indicating the steps you or your child should follow before the surgery.

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