Rhinoplasty Surgery in Malaga


Rhinoplasty Surgery in Malaga

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty not only allows for the correction of deformities that may occur, it should also seek to improve the functionality, as it is not much use having a beautiful nose if we cannot breathe properly through it. On numerous occasions, not only do we improve the appearance, but we also correct the shape of nasal conchae or the position of the nasal septum, which is known as rhino-septoplasty. It is an intervention that occurs in all ages and even, in Dr. Javier Collado’s opinion, should be considered a type of rejuvenating surgery, given that people frequently have a bigger nose after a certain age, with a bulbous and fallen tip. In this type of patients, a rhinoplasty will lead to a more youthful facial appearance.


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Preguntas Frecuentes

Am I a good candidate?

This intervention is recommended to correct a big nose, correct the nasal tip or improve the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Rhinoplasty may also correct congenital defects such as short noses, fissures and problems associated with or derived from breathing difficulties.

Are there any risks?

When a rhinoplasty is performed by a qualified surgeon, the complications are minimal, although we should remember that there is always a possibility of complications including infections, nasal haemorrhages or reactions to anaesthesia. The risks may be reduced if, before and after the operation, the patient is properly evaluated for all of the possibilities and all the necessary pre-operative exams are completed thoroughly.

When the rhinoplasty is sealed, it is done so through the inside of the nose, so there are no visible signs. However, when the open technique is used, there are small scars on the base of the nose, although they are practically invisible.

In one out of every thirty cases, it is possible that a touching-up is required, for example, to correct a minor deformity. Some cases are unpredictable and it can even happen to patients who have been operated on by the best surgeons

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- Return to normality

The majority of rhinoplasty patients recover within two days and can return to school or sedentary work within a week of the operation.

Dr. Javier Collado will give you guidelines on what you can do as time goes by and gradually return to your daily activities. He will probably suggest that you avoid strenuous activities (jogging, swimming, bending, and sexual relations… any activity that may increase your blood pressure) for two or three weeks. You should avoid rubbing or banging your nose and exposing it to the sun for the first four weeks. Be extremely careful when washing your hair and face or putting on make-up.

You can wear contact lenses when you feel ready. With respect to glasses: Once the splint has been removed, the glasses should be able to stay in place without touching the nose for six or seven weeks, until the nose has healed completely.

Your surgeon will arrange visits as he deems convenient and thus he will observe the progress of the healing. If you have strange symptoms or any questions regarding what you may or may not do, do not hesitate to call your doctor.

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