Vaginoplasty in Malaga or male to female sex reassignment surgery


Vaginoplasty in Malaga or male to female sex reassignment surgery

In a feminine transsexual patient, for the performance of a vaginoplasty operation, the sex reassignment surgery that provides the best results consists of the inversion of the penile skin and the creation of a clitoris through the vessels and the sensory nerves of the penis. There is another surgical alternative in the cases where there is not enough skin to reconstruct a neo-vagina, which is called colovaginoplasty, through which the reconstructed vagina will not be made of skin but instead it will be made from a part of the sigmoid colon. This intervention is usually reserved as a second alternative due to the greater chance of complications.

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When should hormonal treatment be suspended?

Usually, three weeks before and three weeks after the intervention in order to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

When can I start having sexual vaginal fulfilment?

Once the intervention has completely healed, usually, around 4 weeks after the intervention.

Will I have an orgasm after the intervention?

With this intervention, all the sensitive nerves that influence an orgasm are preserved so that, in theory, this quality should not be modified.

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