Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic in Algeciras

Cosmetic and plastic surgeries constitute a field of medicine that is in constant evolution. Doctor Javier Collado is aware of this reality and engages in continuous research to achieve excellence in each of his techniques. The primary goal is patient satisfaction, resulting not only in functionality but also in natural aesthetics.
Dr. Javier Collado possesses the knowledge and techniques required, making aesthetics an essential element of each patient’s health. The time for change has come. Take care of yourself. Don’t hesitate and entrust yourself to the best plastic surgeon in Algeciras.

Plastic, Cosmetic, and Reconstructive Surgery in Algeciras

Dr. Javier Collado is a specialist in cosmetic and plastic surgery. This professional leads a team composed of certified and trained specialists capable of bringing out the best in you.
We have a team of professionals selected by Dr. Collado himself, ensuring that personalized, human, and professional care is guaranteed. The team is committed to using the highest quality and state-of-the-art materials.
In our clinic in Algeciras, we also have extensive experience with thousands of surgeries. We boast top-notch facilities equipped with the latest technology in aesthetic plastic medicine to ensure the success of each treatment. We strictly adhere to all health regulations.

What is the usual process once a patient requests an appointment?

Firstly, you should request an appointment through various available contact methods and attend the consultation. Dr. Javier Collado assesses your case in a completely personalized manner. The patient receives tailored attention at all times, adapting to their needs. Finally, our team recommends a series of treatments suitable for the patient’s case.

Additionally, a medical history will be taken, evaluating individual medical backgrounds, current illnesses, prior surgeries, treatments, and pharmacological dosages. Before the surgery, a preoperative assessment will be conducted, including an electrocardiogram, comprehensive blood work, and a chest X-ray.

For Dr. Javier Collado, the most important aspect is ensuring the appearance and health of each patient. Because the most valuable thing is to care for each person’s well-being as they truly deserve.

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