Gluteoplasty Surgery in Malaga

Gluteoplasty is one of the existing cosmetic surgeries to restore volume and shape to the buttocks. This enhancement and improvement of the buttocks’ shape can be achieved by inserting a silicone implant or through the patient’s own fat transfer (lipotransfer or lipofilling).

Dr. Javier Collado’s preference is to perform this procedure through lipotransfer, as it will yield a more natural and lasting result without the known inconveniences of having a silicone implant placed in the buttocks.

Additionally, it will be beneficial to accompany this procedure with liposculpture of flanks and hips to enhance the final result and, at the same time, obtain the fat needed to improve the shape and increase the volume of the buttocks.

2 hours
General or epidural
6 months after the procedure
Swelling until the third/sixth month after the procedure

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The buttocks can also be augmented using the patient’s own fat, avoiding the use of implants in this case. This approach ensures a completely natural result with an impeccable finish.

By utilizing tissue extracted from the patient’s own body through liposuction, we ensure complete compatibility with the organism and benefit from the effects of liposuction on other areas of the body. This makes it a highly versatile procedure that places the fat where it’s needed most, without the limitations associated with silicone implants.

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Discover the benefits of this procedure

Here are some of the health benefits for patients who decide to undergo gluteoplasty:

  • Helps sculpt the silhouette.
  • Scars fade over time.
  • Improves patient's self-esteem.
Postoperative Instructions
Up to 15 days after the procedure.
Consume vegetables, fruits, legumes, natural fats, dairy products, and proteins.
Several follow-up appointments will be scheduled after the procedure.
One month after plastic surgery intervention, while following the doctor’s instructions at all times.
Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Javier Collado recommends staying in the hospital for at least one night. This helps the patient feel more protected against possible effects.

During the procedure, the patient won’t feel pain due to general anesthesia. There might be intense discomfort 48 hours after the procedure.

Rest will be absolute for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Additionally, the patient should wear a special compression garment for two to three weeks after the operation.

It depends on the patient. It’s advisable to follow the guidelines provided by the doctor and take prescribed medication.

As with all surgeries, there are potential complications. One of them is the risk of infection. However, if performed professionally, this shouldn’t occur under any circumstances.

The possibility of a buttock implant exploding is a false myth.

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