Ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Malaga

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is one of the most innovative and revolutionary techniques in aesthetic surgery for nose reshaping. This technique significantly reduces potential traumas and inflammations associated with other surgical models of rhinoplasty. It involves correcting bone imperfections of the nose, which can affect both aesthetics and health, through the application of ultrasonic waves.

The primary goal, both of our clinic and of Dr. Javier Collado, is continuous innovation and the application of the most cutting-edge techniques, including ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

1 to 2 hours.
1 to 2 weeks.
Inflammation will subside by the 6th month.

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Nose surgeries, particularly ultrasonic rhinoplasty, are quite common in the field of aesthetic medicine. These interventions address not only aesthetic concerns but also the patient’s health. In fact, in most cases, the procedure could be a rhinoseptoplasty, as we also address the nasal septum.

Many individuals are unaware of the breathing issues they have due to this, such as snoring caused by a deviated septum. Thus, while improving the client’s aesthetics, they also report advantages in breathing and health that they’ve experienced after the intervention.

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Discover the benefits of this procedure

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty offers a range of advantages and benefits, highlighting the following points:

  • Quick patient recovery.
  • Less painful recovery.
  • Harmonious and natural results.
  • Reduced trauma and inflammation post-intervention.
  • Minimal bleeding.
Postoperative instructions
The recommended rest period is 15 days.
2-3 days after the intervention.
Physical activity can be resumed 6 weeks after the treatment.
Frequently Asked Questions

It can be used for all types of noses. The specialist will determine the treatment that best suits the patient’s case.

The answer is no. Nevertheless, ultrasonic rhinoplasty is one of the most advanced and least invasive techniques in the current aesthetics and health market.

Results will be visible from the very beginning, despite inflammation. Generally, in the case of ultrasonic rhinoplasty, inflammation is less pronounced compared to conventional techniques.

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