Clitoral Size Reduction Surgery in Malaga

The clitoris is a highly important area within the female genital region. It is an essential sexual organ responsible for concentrating pleasure during sexual intercourse. However, there are factors that can lead to alterations in this region, including:

  • Development of a tumor or lesion.
  • Hypertrophy. In this case, the clitoris enlarges disproportionately, which can be due to endocrine or genetic causes.
  • Excess tissue in the clitoris, hindering normal vaginal stimulation and even diminishing pleasure.

Clitoroplasty involves any modifications desired for the clitoris. Genital malformations affecting the clitoris are common, with one of the most frequent being an increase in size or hypertrophy. This usually involves an increase in the dimensions of this organ, both in length and thickness, which can be modified.

1 and a half hours.
Local or sedation.
Starting from the 6th week.
1 week.

Clitoroplasty Specialists in Malaga.

Discover the Benefits of this Procedure

Here are some health benefits for patients opting for clitoral size reduction:

  • Improvement in sexual relationships.
  • Non-invasive technique.
  • Enhancement of the quality of life.
  • Increased daily happiness and satisfaction.
Postoperative Guidelines
In the initial days, the intimate area will be swollen, with increased sensitivity and mild discomfort.
Several postoperative check-ups will be scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

In some cases, the exact cause is not clear. It is most commonly related to hormonal issues, either due to the administration of anabolic steroids as part of certain medical treatments or for muscle enhancement, or because the body itself produces excessive androgens, as in cases of 21-hydroxylase deficiency.

There should be no sensory changes after the procedure, as it involves removing excess skin or erectile tissue while preserving the nerves and blood supply of the clitoris intact.

The primary reasons can be summarized as postpartum trauma, excess testosterone, or endocrine disorders. It can also be related to genetic constitution.

It is advisable to avoid any form of physical exercise for several weeks. You should take the medication prescribed by the doctor and refrain from using tampons for a period of time. Lastly, the area should be kept clean.

Sexual intercourse can be resumed from the fourth week onwards.

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