Thigh Lift Surgery in Malaga

The accumulation of fat and sagging skin on the inner thighs is very common in individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight. Thigh lift surgery involves the removal of tissue and fat from the inner thighs.

The scar can be located along the inguinal fold or along the inner thigh, and the choice between the two will depend on each case’s specific needs. Typically, Dr. Javier Collado combines this procedure with thigh liposuction to enhance the contour and final result.

2 hours
Epidural or general
By the third month after the procedure
Bruising until the 3rd week, swelling until the third month

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Thigh lift surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at achieving a reduction in the volume of the patient’s thighs, as needed. When performing the procedure, the traction of the leg skin depends on the patient’s anatomy. However, it’s necessary for the medical and surgical team to thoroughly study your case in a detailed manner.

Dr. Javier Collado recommends this treatment in the following cases:

  • Improving body contour.
  • Correcting reductions resulting from sudden weight loss.
  • Allowing the use of specific clothing, such as bathing suits, for women with thighs that need aesthetic improvement.

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Learn about the benefits of this procedure

Some of the most notable benefits of thigh lift treatment include:

  • Elimination of leg sagging.
  • Improved well-being and happiness for patients undergoing this treatment.
  • Sculpting the thigh silhouette.
  • Elimination of harmful fat deposits from the body.
Postoperative Instructions
2 to 4 weeks of rest and recovery.
Consume vegetables, fruits, legumes, natural fats, dairy products, and proteins.
Follow-up appointments will be scheduled at 3, 6, and 12 months after the thigh lift.
Starting from the fifth week after the treatment.
Frequently Asked Questions

This procedure is indicated for patients who have undergone significant weight changes. It is an alternative for cases where liposuction is not suitable due to inadequate skin quality.

This procedure is typically performed on patients aged 40 to 60.

It is recommended for individuals with excess skin and fat on the inner side of their legs, following sudden weight loss. They may experience functional issues such as difficulty walking or limitations in personal hygiene.

In principle, it would be contraindicated in overweight patients where it’s more appropriate to start a strict diet under the supervision of a nutritionist.

The most common complications of this surgery are hematomas and seromas that may require drainage.

Horizontal scars, located on the inner side of the thigh, are usually established from about 2 cm below the groin to about 12 cm above the knee.

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