Facial Lift Surgery in Málaga

The team at Dr. Javier Collado’s specializes in facial lift surgery. We offer two specializations:

  • Face and Neck Lift: This cosmetic surgery is indicated for patients who notice sagging and facial looseness over the years, as well as the appearance of excess fat in the neck, commonly known as a double chin. One of the goals of this procedure is to restore a well-defined jawline, which is a true sign of youth in a face.
  • Forehead Lift: This procedure is particularly suitable for patients who have very drooping eyebrows or a heavily wrinkled forehead. With the forehead lift, the position of the eyebrows is raised and the forehead becomes smoother.
Between 3 and 4 hours.
General anesthesia.
2 to 4 months.
1 week of recovery.

Facial and Forehead Lift Surgery in Málaga

In the case of the face and neck lift, it is commonly performed on both men and women over the age of forty. It involves repositioning and placing facial tissues back to their original position. This is achieved through an incision around the ear. Additionally, it corrects excess fat in the double chin area and the notorious “neck bands” through a small incision under the chin.

Dr. Javier Collado often performs fat grafting during the same procedure, using lipotransfer to replenish lost fat deposits due to aging, such as in the nasolabial folds or cheeks. This helps achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

On the other hand, the forehead lift is performed in two ways:

  • Endoscopic Forehead Lift: This method is performed through small incisions in the scalp, with the camera and instruments inserted through them.
  • Open Forehead Lift: This approach even allows for shortening the forehead length according to each patient’s needs.

Facial Lift Specialists in Málaga.

Discover the Benefits of this Procedure

Some of the notable benefits of abdominoplasty can be summarized as follows:

  • Gradual and progressive return to routine.
  • Imperceptible scars.
  • Eliminates sagging and wrinkles.
  • Excellent results.
Postoperative instructions
Swelling for up to 2 weeks. Between weeks 3 and 4, you can resume a normal routine or daily life.
After the initial week, then at 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year.
Gradually resume exercise 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure.
Frequently asked questions

Approximately 7 to 10 years.

The best candidates are individuals whose facial and neck skin show signs of sagging. Deep wrinkles that form between the nose and mouth, wrinkles and fat accumulation in the neck, double chin, and sagging jawline can be significantly improved with this procedure.

To correct changes caused by aging, including forehead lines, drooping eyebrows, and frown lines. These facial characteristics can give a tired and aged appearance. It’s true that very similar, though less enduring, results can be achieved with botulinum toxin.

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