Otoplasty surgery in Malaga

Otoplasty surgery in Málaga allows for the correction of the well-known “lop ears” or “bat ears.” Dr. Javier Collado performs this procedure through a concealed incision behind the ear, reshaping the cartilage to give it the proper form and positioning them closer to the head. Additionally, during the same procedure, the size of large ears or what’s technically known as “macrotia” can also be reduced.

In the initial days following otoplasty, the patient will wear an elastic headband that holds the ears in place. This is done to maintain their correct positioning during the healing process.

Otoplastia - Javier Collado
1 to 2 hours.
Local + Sedation.
6 months.
Between 2 weeks and 6 months of recovery.

Aesthetic and Otoplasty Surgery in Malaga

Thanks to otoplasty, aside from bringing the ears closer to the head, we can also correct various deformities. Some of the most common ones include large ears, also known as macrotia, excessively large earlobes, overly pronounced ear concha, Darwin’s tubercle or thickening of the upper part, as well as irregularities in the helix, among others.

We usually opt for an incision behind the ear, through which we access the auricular cartilage to shape it using non-absorbable sutures. We often complement the technique by weakening the cartilage through scoring it, so the ear doesn’t tend to revert to its previous position.

Otoplasty specialists.

Discover the benefits of this procedure

Some of the most notable benefits of otoplasty include:

  • Correcting ear malformation issues.
  • Adjusting the size of the ears to the proportional size of the face.
  • Practically natural and lifelong results.
  • Significant improvements in self-esteem.
  • Completely imperceptible scars.
Postoperative instructions
Typically 2 to 7 days.
After the initial week, then at 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year. During the first few days, wearing an elastic headband for protection is recommended.
It’s advisable to stick to a soft diet. Follow Dr. Javier Collado’s instructions for proper recovery.
Gentle exercise is recommended 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure
Frequently Asked Questions

As is common with all types of surgeries, there will be a significant amount of swelling and bruising. Discoloration will decrease gradually week by week.

There is a scar on the lower back part of the ear. However, they are barely noticeable.

You can shower the day after surgery as long as your head remains dry. Ears can be wet after 7-10 days. Avoid baths, as they are not advisable until 3 weeks after surgery.

Generally, discomfort is minimal.

Yes. You should follow the instructions provided by the medical team.

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