Labiaplasty Surgery in Malaga

Also known as nymphoplasty, this increasingly popular procedure is performed on women of all ages. The shape and size of the labia minora vary greatly, often depending on genetic and hormonal factors. Large labia minora can be quite bothersome, not only from an aesthetic perspective.

They can be uncomfortable for activities such as cycling or sexual intercourse. Several techniques are available for reducing the labia minora, and Dr. Javier Collado will advise on the most appropriate one. Through this simple procedure, we can reduce their size, improving the well-being of our patients.

1 and a half hour.
Local or sedation.
1 week.

Minor Labia Reduction Clinic in Malaga.

Discover the benefits of this procedure

Here are some health benefits for patients opting for labiaplasty:

  • Improvement in sexual relationships.
  • Non-invasive technique.
  • Enhancement of the quality of life.
  • Increased daily happiness and satisfaction.
Postoperative Guidelines
48 hours of rest.
Several postoperative check-ups will be scheduled.
Kegel exercises are recommended. Feel free to request more information on this.
Frequently Asked Questions

It is performed with local anesthesia and sedation, so the patient is discharged on the same day of the procedure.

Typically, it involves the removal of excess tissue from the labia minora, especially from the darker or pigmented areas. In some cases, complete reshaping of the clitoral hood may be necessary due to excess skin.

Once the initial swelling subsides, the area will regain its sensitivity. In some cases, sensitivity may even increase, making sensations more pronounced.

It is normal to experience slight discomfort during the first few days. This discomfort tends to fade away.

Patients can typically resume sexual activity normally at the sixth week.

The medical team will provide specific hygiene recommendations for the first few weeks to ensure proper care. After that time frame, hygiene can be carried out as usual.

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