Facial Feminization Surgery in Malaga

The process of facial feminization can vary greatly depending on each patient’s facial morphology. To reduce masculine features in a face, it usually requires rhinoplasty, a reduction of the orbital rim, and a reduction in the size of the Adam’s apple or tracheal shave. Other complementary procedures may include cheek augmentation, lip shaping and augmentation, reduction of the jawline, forehead lift, facelift, or hairline surgery.

Depends on the facial characteristics of each patient.
6 to 9 months.
Approximately over 2 weeks.

Facial Feminization and Adam's Apple Reduction in Malaga.

Know the benefits of this intervention

These are some of the health benefits for patients who choose to undergo facial feminization:

  • Excellent results.
  • Increased patient self-esteem.
  • Elimination of gender dysphoria.
Postoperative Instructions
You should follow the instructions provided by the plastic surgeon.
Several postoperative revisions will be conducted.
Allowed after 1 month following the surgery.
Frequently Asked Questions

Each case must be evaluated individually, and no case is exactly the same as another. In general, the results will vary depending on the morphological characteristics of each patient, and the same results may not be achievable in all cases.

Normally, no, it is a surgery with permanent results.

The postoperative period for all facial feminization surgeries can be uncomfortable, but not painful.

Certainly. Male facial features will require special treatment to feminize them.

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