Phalloplasty Surgery in Malaga

Phalloplasty is a surgical technique that allows for the complete reconstruction of a male genital organ. To achieve this successful result, tissue from other parts of the body, such as thigh or abdomen tissue, is used. Thanks to this, the patient can attain a fulfilling sexuality and feel comfortable. It’s worth noting that the goal of the surgery is to obtain a penis with tactile and erogenous sensitivity, with functional urinary results.

Regarding transgender male patients, the gender reassignment surgery of choice would be a phalloplasty with a free radial flap harvested from the forearm and transferred using microsurgery. This procedure provides a more natural appearance to the external genitals and is often combined with a hysterectomy performed by a gynecologist on the team and a vaginectomy. As an alternative to phalloplasty, there is metaiodoplasty, which involves lengthening the clitoris and redirecting the urethra to the clitoral glans.

10 to 12 hours.
6 to 9 months.
Approximately more than 12 weeks.

Gender Reassignment Surgery from Female to Male in Malaga.

Know the benefits of this intervention

These are some of the health benefits for patients who choose to undergo phalloplasty:

  • Excellent results.
  • Increased patient self-esteem.
  • Scars are barely noticeable to the patient.
  • Completely natural-looking results.
Postoperative Instructions
You should follow the instructions provided by the plastic surgeon.
Several postoperative revisions will be conducted.
Allowed after 1 month following the surgery.
Frequently Asked Questions

The result will vary between 2 and 4 cm, depending on the patient’s individual characteristics.

You can gain between 1 and 2 cm in circumference.

The penis will have full erogenous sensitivity, allowing for sexual pleasure and achieving orgasm with ease.

The patient should schedule an appointment with their endocrinologist to determine the hormone treatment guidelines to follow.

Yes, there are several models of prostheses. The choice will depend on tissue elasticity and the patient’s decision.

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