Vaginal Tightening Surgery in Málaga

Due to pregnancy, childbirth, or episiotomy, pelvic floor tissues may experience stretching or structural changes. This can lead to vaginal wall dilation or widening, resulting in unsatisfactory sexual intercourse. Vaginal tightening can effectively address this issue.

To reduce vaginal diameter, Dr. Javier Collado excises a longitudinal spindle from the posterior vaginal wall and then closes the defect with an absorbable suture, so the stitches will fall out on their own. Sexual intercourse can be resumed in about four weeks.

1 hour.
Starting from 6 weeks.
Between 4 and 6 weeks, you should avoid sexual intercourse.

Specialists in Vaginal Tightening in Málaga

Learn about the benefits of this procedure

Here are some health benefits for patients opting for vaginal tightening.

  • Improved sexual relationships.
  • Non-invasive technique.
  • Prevents urinary incontinence issues.
  • Enhanced quality of life and increased daily happiness.
Indicaciones de postoperatorio
Between 4 and 6 weeks.
Several postoperative check-ups will be conducted.
Kegel exercises are recommended. Feel free to request more information on this.
Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time is when you have completed your desire to have more children, as otherwise, the results may be compromised.

This procedure does not prevent you from having children. However, it is advisable to undergo it once you are certain that you do not want more children.

Scars will be present; however, they will be barely visible, and recovery is very quick.

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