Facial Refinement Surgery in Malaga

We all have fat deposits in our cheeks from birth, and in some cases, these deposits increase in size, giving the face an overly round or wide appearance, especially in the area between the cheekbone and the cheek. Thanks to facial refinement or buccal fat removal, it’s possible to reduce the volume of this area by extracting the Bichat fat pads.

This is a simple procedure, done under local anesthesia, performed from inside the mouth without apparent scars. We remove these fat deposits to decrease cheek volume and enhance the prominence of the cheekbone and the lateral part of the jaw.

2 hours.
Local anesthesia.
3 months.
7 to 10 days of recovery.

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Buccal fat removal, also known as Bichat fat pads, is a surgical procedure in which we partially or completely remove facial fat tissue. Through a small incision of 1 to 1.5 centimeters in the oral mucosa (the inner part of the cheek), there are no visible scars and minimal discomfort for the person.

This surgery is not painful, neither during the procedure nor in the postoperative period. Moreover, this technique, besides being safe, won’t impact your daily routine, and it has a very low risk and complication rate for the patient. Patients who undergo this procedure often notice a slimmer appearance and a well-defined face shortly after.

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Discover the Benefits of this Procedure

Buccal fat removal offers a series of advantages that we will detail below:

  • It's a low-risk surgery for the patient.
  • Enhanced facial definition.
  • Very fast recovery.
  • Permanent results.
Postoperative Instructions
24 hours of rest.
Liquid diet for the first two days and soft diet after one week.
After the initial weeks.
Two weeks after the procedure.
Frequently Asked Questions

Although each case is different and it depends on the patient’s individual conditions and facial morphology, the postoperative phases of buccal fat removal can be divided into swelling, reduction of inflammation, and final results.

This surgery aims to increase facial definition between the cheekbone and the jaw, so it’s suitable for patients with very rounded features who seek greater definition of the facial bone structure.

As with any surgery, there’s always a risk of infection, which can be prevented with antibiotic treatment. Another rare potential complication is injury to a branch of the facial nerve that moves the upper lip, which could cause temporary or permanent paralysis at this level.

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