Rhinoplasty in Malaga

Nose surgery or rhinoplasty not only allows for the correction of deformities but also aims to improve functionality. However, having a beautiful nose is of little use if one cannot breathe well through it. This fact leads to the realization that in many cases, not only will we enhance appearance, but we will also correct issues like the shape of the turbinates or the position of the nasal septum. This technique is known as rhinoseptoplasty.

It’s a procedure suitable for all ages and, in the opinion of Dr. Javier Collado, should even be considered a rejuvenating surgery. This is because it’s common for individuals of a certain age to have a large nose with a bulbous and drooping tip. In such cases, a rhinoplasty can result in a more youthful facial appearance, providing the patient with a newfound sense of confidence.

2 to 3 hours.
1 to 2 weeks.
Inflammation will subside by the third month.

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During the initial visit, Dr. Javier Collado’s surgical team will meticulously study the proportions of the nose that align with the patient’s desires. Facial features of the patient will also be considered, along with factors involved in the operation. The following are highlighted:

  • Nasal septum.
  • Cartilage.
  • Face shape.
  • Age.
  • Skin thickness.

Throughout the procedure, the aim is to separate the skin of the nose from the bone framework and cartilage. Subsequently, the surgical team will shape and proportion the nose as desired. Finally, it will be fitted onto the nasal framework.

Once the procedure is completed, a cast will be applied to protect the nose, ensuring it maintains the new size and arrangement.

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Discover the benefits of this procedure

Here are some advantages of rhinoplasty treatment:

  • Lower risk of complications after the intervention.
  • Improved appearance within two weeks.
  • High patient satisfaction due to achieved results.
  • Less disruption to the nose's structure.
Postoperative instructions
Relative rest, avoiding heavy lifting.
2-3 days after the intervention.
Including teas and coffees in the diet is recommended due to possible hypotension.
Physical activity can be resumed 6 weeks after the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone wishing to improve the shape of their nose or address breathing issues associated with the septum or turbinates is a suitable candidate.

A short 24-hour stay will be necessary. The postoperative period is very comfortable.

If you’re a smoker, you should refrain from smoking. Tobacco can have a negative impact on the healing process.

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