Mommy Makeover Surgery in Malaga

We are all familiar with cases of unesthetic scars resulting from cesarean sections, most of which are caused by improper surgical techniques. The reasons can vary: from incorrect incision, failure to respect hair follicles, burning the edges, to incorrect location or closure of the incision – not adhering to proper layer-by-layer closure or using incorrect suture material. Furthermore, proper postoperative scar treatment is essential.

This is why the collaboration between plastic surgeons and gynecologists in performing a cesarean section is becoming more common. Dr. Javier Collado performs the incision and closure of the procedure. Simultaneously, he provides postoperative care for the scar.

Between 5 and 6 hours.
No strenuous activities for 1 month.

Mommy Makeover Specialists

Reclaim Your Body after Pregnancy

Here are some of the health benefits for patients who choose to undergo a mommy makeover.

  • Aids in sculpting the silhouette.
  • Scars fade over time.
  • Improves patient's self-esteem.
Postoperative Instructions
5 to 8 days of absolute rest.
Vegetables, greens, fruits, legumes, natural fats, dairy, and proteins.
Several follow-up appointments will be scheduled after the procedure.
Abstain from intense physical activity for one month following the plastic surgery procedure, and always follow the doctor’s instructions.
Frequently Asked Questions

The following combination of different parts will be treated: breast augmentation, reduction or lift, full abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty, genital surgery, and liposuction.

It depends on the patient’s health characteristics.

The risks are typical of any major surgery and can include problems with healing, bleeding, infection, and seroma. The surgeon will inform you about all of these risks to ensure you are well-informed.

This intervention does not prevent you from having children. However, it is recommended to undergo the procedure once you are certain you do not wish to have more children.

Scars will be present. However, their appearance will be minimal, and recovery will be rapid.

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