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We all know cases of unpleasant scars as a result of having had a caesarean, the majority of these are caused by an incorrect surgical technique. It may have happened when opening the scar by not respecting the hair follicles, burning the edges or using an incorrect location for the incision. Or it may have occurred when closing the incision by not respecting the correct closure in layers or completing it with the incorrect suture material. Thus, it is also necessary to have the correct post-operative treatment for a scar.

This situation is becoming increasingly more widespread, as the participation of cosmetic surgeons in the caesareans of famous artists and models contributing to scars being less visible has been publicised in various media.

Due to this, the collaboration of plastic surgeons and gynaecologists is increasingly more common when performing a caesarean. As such, Dr. Javier Collado makes the incision and closes the intervention, as well as performing the post-operative treatment for the scar.


Preguntas Frecuentes

Can an abdominoplasty be performed during labour?

The answer is no. In labour and only in the case of a caesarean, a tightening of the abdominal muscles and a correct closure of the wound in layers may be performed so that the scar is barely visible.

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