Ten pieces of advice before undergoing a Plastic Surgery intervention

There are a series of simple measures to prevent complications before undergoing a plastic surgery intervention: Do not smoke, as it is known to lower vascularisation of the skin in people who smoke. This can lead to a delay in vascularisation and necrosis of tissues, especially in interventions such as mastopexy, abdominoplasty and facelift. Find…Read more

I would like to operate on my nose and I want a natural result

In a rhinoplasty or a rhino-septoplasty, with reconstruction of the septum, we should always look for the most natural result possible, and this result consists of people who know us being able to able to see that we have corrected the previous nasal deformity, while those who do not know us are not aware that…Read more

Facial refinement (Bichat)

Bichat’s fat pads are accumulations of fat that we all have from birth in our cheeks. They give our face a rounder appearance. In some cases, they become hypertrophied or grow in size, making the cheeks bulkier and giving the face an even rounder appearance. Whether it’s because of hypertrophy or because the patient wishes…Read more

Rejuvenate your hands

The hands are a part of our bodies that are always visible and help us to express our feelings and emotions. As time goes by, spots start appearing on the reverse side and the fat that surrounds the tendons and veins disappears. All this gives them an older look and shows the passing of the…Read more

Feminización facial - Javier Collado

Facial feminisation in a transsexual

The male to female transsexual normally not only requires sex reassignment, or the wrongly named sex change, to change the aspect of their genitals; usually, a process known as facial feminisation is also necessary. This can address the reduction of the nose size, a filing of the orbital rim and the mandibular angle, augmentation of…Read more

Cirugía estética y cesárea

Cosmetic and Caesarean surgery

We all know of cases of non-cosmetic scars as a result of having had a Caesarean section, where most of them were caused by an incorrect surgical technique. Whether it occurred in the opening, by not having respected the hair follicles, by having burnt the edges or the incorrect location of the incision or it…Read more

Protesis mamarias

Size of the mammary prosthesis

Much has been written about what the appropriate size of the prosthesis to be used in mammary surgery should be, when referring to breast augmentation as well as breast lift. There are numerous alternatives in terms of the shape of the prosthesis, the methods for placing them and the anatomy of the patient themselves. We…Read more

Holiday Packages

Marbella is not only an excellent place to relax before undergoing an intervention, it is also the perfect place to recover. There is a wide range of hotels and places to stay for our patients in terms of their needs. All of this makes Marbella one of the places par excellence for health tourism. As…Read more

Mediterranean Diet

Over the millennia, the people of the Mediterranean have formed their own recognisable habits which bring different and unique cultures and landscapes to the table. Iberians, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Berbers and Arabs have all contributed to establishing the “Mediterranean trilogy” of bread, olive oil and wine. From the Near and Middle East came cereals, legumes,…Read more

Breast Process

Following mammary surgery, an individual recovery process is needed for each person. For this, initially, moderate rest during the first days will be necessary and the patient will wear a strapless bra, similar to a sports one. During the process, it will be necessary to attend revisions in the clinic and undergo lymphatic drainages by…Read more

Sobre Malaga

About Malaga

A city founded a long time ago by the Phoenicians; it rises on the shores of the warm and blue waters of the Mediterranean. Bathed by the intense and hot Andalusian sun, it is a city with a special grace and charm. Its fame on a tourist level comes from its many beaches found on…Read more

About Marbella

Marbella is an elegant and sunny city on the Costa del Sol, where the remnants of the Arabian occupation are interspersed with the facilities of the luxurious modern tourist complexes. Sunbathe on the sands of its beaches or enjoy the calm waters with all the family, natural settings and amusement parks. Let yourself go with…Read more