I would like to operate on my nose and I want a natural result

I would like to operate on my nose and I want a natural result

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In a rhinoplasty or a rhino-septoplasty, with reconstruction of the septum, we should always look for the most natural result possible, and this result consists of people who know us being able to able to see that we have corrected the previous nasal deformity, while those who do not know us are not aware that we have been operated on. The result needs to be as natural as possible.

It is easy to find people who seem to think of results that are not natural in terms of rhinoplasty. We were all aware of those noses with a “bobsleigh” back in the 80’s and 90’s where the excision of the nasal bone was done in an aggressive manner or those where the tip of the nose was so far raised it reminded us of a certain animal.

Because of this, plastic surgeons that regularly perform rhinoplasty should always treat the nose in a conservative way when it comes to removing tissues that can cause unnatural or unwanted results on the patient’s behalf.

Another aspect of this intervention is the healing, which, at times, is out of the surgeon’s hands and can lead to unwanted results, requiring a touch-up. We ask you to request a prior appointment in which we can evaluate your particular case and analyse the advantages and disadvantages as well as the options which best adapt to your needs. The first appointment is always free and does not require any obligation whatsoever.