I would like to know how much breast surgery costs to fix mammary asymmetry

Mammary asymmetry is a common defect. 95% of the female population have mammary asymmetry, a difference in breast size. However, only 10-15% of the cases require a Cosmetic Surgery intervention to correct it.

Each case is its own and depends on the malformation we are dealing with. It has nothing to do with a breast augmentation, a mastopexy or a tuberous breast surgery in terms of difficulty and surgical time involved. In terms of what the deformity is, a different surgical technique will be required.

Something we should also bear in mind, and that is very important, is the quality of the implant which is used to complete the surgery. This is also reflected in the final price. There are a wide range of implants but there are only two brands of implants which meet all the quality standards. When these are used, it is not possible to have “low cost” surgery. The hospital earns the same amount, as does the anaesthetist and the surgeon. The price changes in terms of the implant.

Generally, an intervention which has a quality mammary prosthesis should be between €4,500 and €6,500. With anything that costs less than these prices, we should question whether something is wrong.

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