Facial feminisation in a transsexual

Feminización facial - Javier Collado

The male to female transsexual normally not only requires sex reassignment, or the wrongly named sex change, to change the aspect of their genitals; usually, a process known as facial feminisation is also necessary. This can address the reduction of the nose size, a filing of the orbital rim and the mandibular angle, augmentation of lips or cheekbones, a reduction of the Adam’s apple and capillary surgery to bring the hair growth line forward.

Not all patients need these interventions to feminise their appearance, although most of them normally require one or more. The most frequent ones are: rhinoplasty to have a more refined and smaller nose, as well as the reduction of the size of the Adam’s apple, known as thyroplasty or thyrochondroplasty.

All of these interventions are performed by Dr. Javier Collado and can be performed in the same surgical time under general anaesthesia.