How to confront the fear of cosmetic operations

Fear or terror is an emotion characterised by an intense, unpleasant feeling caused by the perception of danger. It occurs in all animals, including humans. Additionally, fear is related to anxiety. This fear is a common feeling before a cosmetic surgery operation, mainly due to the lack of certainty that everything will turn out fine.…Read more

Before and After: plastic and reconstructive surgery treatment

We wanted to share pictures of real results with you, photos of the before and after of the latest treatments in plastic surgery so that you can see what changes the face and the body experience. Treatments applied to plastic surgery for the body and face of women as well as men. Before and after…Read more

Benefits of Abdominoplasty

Have you heard of abdominoplasty? Here are its 5 benefits. The accumulation of fat or the lack of elasticity of the skin after significant weight changes or during pregnancy are two of the main reasons that cause our abdomen to become more flaccid. An abdominoplasty can correct this problem but it can also help to…Read more

Post weight loss surgery

THE PROBLEM OF LOOSE SKIN AFTER LOSING WEIGHT   Nowadays, skin problems are quite common due to the constant weight rebounds as a result of pregnancy, gastric bypass surgery or diets. These changes lead to the stretching and shortening of the skin which causes laxity and the loss of cutaneous elasticity. The places where this…Read more

Otoplasty: How can I correct separated ears?

This common deformity is known by many names, such as looped ears, distant ears, separated ears, protruding ears, hellix valgus… Usually, it is a deformity of congenital origin or it appears shortly after birth. It is characterised by having an excessive angle between the skull and the pinna, which can be associated with hypertrophy or…Read more

“The nose is the point” Rhinoplasty

THE NOSE IS THE POINT More and more patients are coming to us from ear, nose and throat specialists for nose surgery. The specialty of otorhinolaryngology does not address the cosmetic aspect of the nose and the patients usually want a functional improvement, but also a cosmetic one, by going to the operating room only…Read more

Sex reassignment surgery: Basic ideas

Basic ideas regarding male to female genital reassignment surgery, feminising genitoplasty or sex reassignment surgery   Despite what people think, or at least an important part of the population, it is a surgical intervention that must be considered with the utmost respect as it deals with an irreversible surgery, which leaves you sterile and is…Read more

Post-pregnancy surgery “Mommy Makeover”

There are many myths surrounding this concept, given that we are increasingly more accustomed to seeing celebrities recover their figure very soon after their pregnancy. With this article, I would like women to know what is truly achievable and what is not after pregnancy. This term mainly refers to recovering or improving cosmetics and the…Read more

I have a tendency to form keloids in my skin

First of all, I am going to start by differentiating the basic concepts in terms of scars so that all the patients understand: – Physiologically normal scar: is one which has behaved in a normal way, without growing in height, or widening and the result is the same as the aggression against the skin. –…Read more

Ten pieces of advice before undergoing a Plastic Surgery intervention

There are a series of simple measures to prevent complications before undergoing a plastic surgery intervention: Do not smoke, as it is known to lower vascularisation of the skin in people who smoke. This can lead to a delay in vascularisation and necrosis of tissues, especially in interventions such as mastopexy, abdominoplasty and facelift. Find…Read more